Acknowledge your growth

Growth. It can be very uncomfortable. And the path is not always that easy. Or fun. And you’re also not always aware of the growth you already made. Just to take some time to acknowledge your growth and to celebrate it at the moment you realise is so powerful. It makes you aware of the power we have. To change. To reach things that we once thought that they are impossible. 

Last week’s insight

Last week I had a moment like this. I spoke with a friend about what I was doing now, and I told that I was starting as an online life coach. And that I’m doing it in English. My previous blog was also the first one in English. He was wondering about that and said that he was not feeling comfortable enough to do something like coaching in English. He studied abroad for a half year and did a research master at university. So he was used to speak and write in English. 

High school

I told him that I coached more in English than in Dutch, and that I will also start with hypnosis in English. A few days later I saw how extraordinary this achievement is for me. For someone who passed high school with a fail in English. Maybe I was the worst person in English from the whole school. I also felt really insecure about my English. I didn’t dare to speak any word and felt ashamed. It also influenced my study choice. One of the most important criteria was that the study must be in Dutch. Probably I would choose the same study as I did now, but I didn’t look to the studies who were in English at all. 

Acknowledge your growth
My notes after central exam at Highschool. A 5 or lower is a fail.


At university, it was also an issue for me. Some books were in English, and I was afraid for that ones. For me, the classes were really important to understand the topic. I also tried to find Dutch summaries. When we were using English words in a discussion, sometimes I tried to pronounce that word. But often people were making fun of it. It made me feel that I was not capable (although it was not the intention to be mean). Most of the time I didn’t try it even to pronounce it right, but just overacting it with pronounce it wrong. Also things like studying abroad were not an option in my mind because of my English. 

The desire to speak

A few years after my study time I started travelling. That was the moment I had to start speaking English, because I really wanted to travel. In the beginning it was really uncomfortable, but at the end I felt more comfortable about it. It was not perfect, or really good, but at least I could communicate. This was only three years ago. After that, little by little I became more used to it. More and more I read books in English and also joined more international communities of learning. In particular the life coaching course was a game changer for me. With all people from all over the world. All communication in English with a really engaged community. 

We always grow

But back to the topic. What are things you are doing now with ease that in the past you felt really uncomfortable and incompetent with? Take a moment to realise how much you have grown. Acknowledge it and be proud of it. It doesn’t matter if you worked very hard for it or that it just grew gradual. You CHANGED. You GREW. You DID IT. So remember that. To do that is a good reminder that we humans grow, always. 

There are many areas to grow

In my example it was about a specific skill. But growth can also be about inner growth. Like emotional management. Or feeling more confident in specific situations. Or finding inner peace. It doesn’t matter about what growth it is about. Just to acknowledge it makes you realise where you came from. How much you grew. To be grateful for that. And that we have the power to change things

What do you want to learn?

If you are looking where you are right now in your life. What is on your list what you want to learn? Or what you are feeling uncomfortable with? Or are there things that are holding you back from your dreams? Be aware of that you always can learn and grow. Maybe when time just passes. But you can also work consciously on it. Just start, be okay with the uncomfortable and improve your skills. 

Continue learning

For me my English was not planned to improve. I avoided it until the moment that there was really no way back. But now I feel comfortable communicating in English. And yes, it’s not perfect, I know. I’m improving every day. And that’s great. And something that is on my list for feature? To coach and speak in Spanish. That would be a dream. And one day I will do it. But for now, I want to improve my English.