For more information about working with me, please contact me at, +31624998589 or book a discovery call.

Life coaching

As a life coach I help you to transform your life in the way you really want. This can be on many aspects of your life. Your work, social life, your contribution to society, relationships, life style or your life purpose in general. As a life coach we can work on finding your life purpose, changing habits, beliefs, patterns or behaviour, your mindset or your feelings. 

How I work

As a coach i’m totally with you to figure things out. I will create a safe space for you to discover and talk about what is on your mind. I truly listen with neutrality to what you’re saying. Based on what i hear I will ask you questions to help you to find the answers or to explore different views. If it is supportive on your journey I can also use tools as processes from NLP (as i’m also an NLP practioner). People who I coached before call me empathic a good listener and real and feel save to be vulnerable with me.  Our sessions will be around 90 minutes so we have the time to dive into the deep.


I work online and sessions will take place in Zoom. For me working remotely is really important for the way of living that I want. It gives us the chance to work together wherever we are in the world at that moment. In the past I was skeptical about online coaching. I only experienced face to face coaching before. Now, after experiencing online coaching, i changed my mind. In some cases (some NLP processes) I still prefer to work face to face. In other cases my experience is that coaching online has the same impact and sometimes its even better than face to face.


There are two options to work with me. Working with a traject for around three months. This will work if you want discover what you want in you life and make a change/transition. And there is the option to book single session and just work out the questions or topics that are in your mind. Also if you don’t know what it is exactly.

Package for 10 sessions

  • First 6 sessions on weekly basis
  • Last 4 sessions are biweekly
  • Extra intake call
  • Extra halfway check up

€1.000,- excl. VAT

Single sessions

  • Freedom to plan the next one when it works for you
  • We will continue the sessions as long as it supports you

Per session: €100,- excl. VAT