About me

As a teenager i had the strong belief that we have the power to program our mindset. I was a child of divorced parents who had to work hard to earn enough money for the basic human needs. I had the belief that I had a background with a bigger chance to get in troubles, but that I was smart enough to make rational choices, avoid risk/danger and succeed. I had also a strong drive to contribute to society, and especially to use the power of sport and voluntary sport clubs for that. When I was 16 years old I started as a youth coach. My basic vision for that was to coach my pupils to contribute to their own growth and be a role model instead of saying how to play football. Also later on when i applied for a volunteering job as youth coach at a professional sport club I felt that for me coaching on life was much more important for me than coaching to be best football player, so I decided to not show on my test training for that. 

After highschool I applied for the study Public Administration and Organisational Science at Utrecht University to follow my way to contribute more to society and get acces to the master program of Sport Policy and Management. I got accepted and it was a really interesting study time with also really motivated and inspiring teachers and students. At that time, especially during my full time year as a member of the board of the study association, I learned to let go my strong belief to hold on rational choices and to join the flow of the group. That year I enjoyed so much, but in the beginning of that year I was also diagnosed by Crohn’s Disease. In the beginning I though that I could go on with my life but later on I realised that it wasn’t possible. For a few years there were some periods that I was okey and I could do some stuff, but there were also periods that I spent a lot in my bed. In the beginning of 2016 I realised that I had to change my life and truly listen to my body. For a few months I did as less as possible, went to a psychologist and took a break of my thesis. After a period my mindset changed little by little and paying attention to my breathing and slow down was also really helpful. Together with a new trial medicine it started to go better. 

In winter 2018 I finally passed my master thesis. At that time I felt unmotivated. I though that I had (almost) everything that I was looking for. The job that I wanted, good social life, some hobbies, leisure time, but for me life was too fixed.  After a time I figured out that I wanted to LIVE, to play, experience, realise dreams and be responsible for my own and to have the option to change every day instead of a life path with limited options to choose. I started a journey to discover my true self by playing, doing a lot of different things, travelling and learning, but also sometimes with ‘hard’ decisions. 

At the end of 2019 I found out that part of my life purpose is to serve as a life coach. At that moment I wasn’t ready for that, but wanted to do other things first. But from that moment I was focused on developing myself in that way. During the Covid pandemic I felt that I was ready and started to be actively develop myself in that the field of coaching.